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    Sat Aug 18

    See a cop’s Automated License Plate Reader in action.

    Thu Jul 12
    WASHINGTON — The Navy is rushing tiny underwater drones to the Persian Gulf to help find and destroy sea mines as part of an American military buildup aimed at stopping Iran from closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the event of a crisis, U.S. officials said.
    Mon Dec 27
    The monkeys were aggressive toward officers and ripped the jacket of a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer who was called in to investigate. Deputies find four angry monkeys at meth lab - WAVE 3 News - Louisville, Kentucky
    Mon Oct 25
    Thu Sep 30
    Mon May 17
    Palin by the way seems to have settled in on a new rhetorical strategy, which is basically to run out one or another version of her “pit bull” line over and over again and not say anything else at all. She’s tuned in to the fact that her audiences literally can’t get enough of having their lunatic self-images massaged (“I’m a violent, illiterate pig who eats with her mouth open just like all you outstanding Americans!”) and aren’t really interested in much else beyond that — issues are really secondary. I, Sarah Palin, Goes Redneck - Matt Taibbi - Taibblog - True/Slant
    Sat May 15
    So whenever you hear somebody harping about how “hard work” is the key to success, don’t let that faze you. Yes, you do need to work hard in order to succeed in achieving your goal, but it’s all in the eye of the worker. It’s all relative. If you have that drive within you, you’ll do the things that people on the outside will view as “hard work”, but to you, it’ll just be “work”. The Myth of “Hard Work” = Success » The Definitive Self Improvement Blog - BrianKim.net
    The wealth and income gaps between Americans is not based on the fact that one group worked harder than another. If that were in fact the case in American history, no group has worked harder than the slaves that built this country, the Chinese that built the railroad, or the Mexicans that continue to do the menial labor that drives our information society. BeThink:: The Myth Of Hard Work
    Fri May 14
    This is a list of blogs and websites that have skeptical content or are produced by skeptical people. Enjoy. skeptical blogs
    I don’t claim that this page somehow proves the official story to be right, nor that it proves conspiracy theories wrong, but it gives some neat examples of why it’s hard to take some of these people seriously. Top Ten Photos 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts Hate
    Acromegaly patients, who suffer from natural growth hormone levels of up to 100 times higher than normal, have lower stamina towards physical activity than people with regular levels.[4] When the patients are treated and their growth hormone levels decrease, their stamina improves.[4] This knowledge is part of the evidence behind the new belief that athletes who use supplemental HGH to raise their levels far above average could actually decrease their exercise tolerance, and thus hurt their athletic performance.[4] Further backing was provided in a study done by the Danish Institute of Sports Medicine. They found cyclists of good health and endurance “were unable to complete accustomed cycling tasks after administration of exogenous hGH” and concluded that HGH can inhibit recuperation from exercise.[4] Participants have also been found to have lower stamina after HGH treatment along with higher rates of fatigue.[2] HGH treatment for athletic enhancement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In any discussion of baseball and PEDs it seems obvious that the threshold question must be the degree to which a given PED does or does not actually enhance performance. If a supposed “enhancer” has in reality little or no effect is effectively a placebo we need to be asking hard questions about whether and why we should upset by its use. If to make a silly but demonstrative example some large number of professional ballplayers somehow became convinced that eating peanuts would greatly enhance their performance would that constitute rational grounds for widespread and intense condemnation of peanuts and peanut-eaters Actual Baseball Effects of PEDs
    The team examined five major-league baseballs one each from the years 1963 1970 1989 1995 and 2000. They initially did simple bounce tests with the balls then dissected each for detailed examination. During the whole-ball bounce tests the two balls from 2000 and 1995 gave strikingly similar results; but those results were quite different from those of the other balls. Later tests with the bare “pill” ball core showed very similar patterns. Changes in the Baseball
    As cyborgenics become available, we will also see athletes with robotic limbs and bits of facial circuitry. Admittedly, the fact that these physical upgrades will be introduced to us by famous sports figures may actually add an element of romance to the technology. However it’s also an undeniable fact that when once these things are invented, there will be no way to stop their infiltration into our culture. It is better to have the gear tested in full public view under high-performance conditions than to have them sold to us “as is” by less-than-honest marketing hacks. iSuck: A Solution to the Steroid Problem
    There are details to work out on this, but a complete and far-reaching amnesty WILL COMPLETELY RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Baseball cannot afford the enormous amount of ongoing mystery and speculation on the part of the players, the fans, the media and even the families of the players! This speculation is not only undermining the sport, it’s undermining professional sports. The problem seeps into college, high school and earlier. We do not want sports talk radio in the year 2020 to be centered on steroid use. We want it gone. Small Business Success: A Legitimate Solution to the Steroids Problem